Chris Christie: GOP War Against FBI ‘Long Term Problem For Our Party if We Continue This’


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie warned his fellow GOPers against waging a war on the FBI, in light of House Republicans’ vote to release a classified memo that purports to show bias at the bureau that supposedly tainted the Russia investigation.

Christie made his debut as an ABC News contributor on Good Morning America Tuesday, and was asked by host George Stephanopoulos if the war against the FBI being waged by President Donald Trump and House Republicans concerned him.

“This seems to be a flip of the script?” Stephanopoulos added, referring to the typically pro-law enforcement Republican party.

“It does,” Christie replied. “And I also think it’s a long-term problem for our party if we continue this. Not only for our party but for the country.”

The outgoing Jersey governor continued that “mistakes are made at the FBI,” and the bureau needs “to be held account for that, but in a way that’s not so political.”

“Let’s give this new FBI director a chance to do this the right way, without so much heat from the political world.”

Stephanopoulos then asked Christie what Trump has to fear from Robert Mueller, the investigator leading the probe into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

“Bob Mueller is not someone to be trifled with,” Christie replied ominously. “And he’s not someone who takes lightly the words of anybody who he’s looking at.”

Christie added that Trump should not meet with Mueller, despite the president’s comments that he would happily sit down with the special counsel and answer questions under oath.

“I din’t think there have been any credible allegations against the president of the United States,” Christie explained. “And I don’t think the president of the United States, unless there are credibly allegations, which I don’t believe there are, should be sitting across from a special counsel.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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