CNN Exit Poll Finds Biggest Issue For Trump Voters is the Economy, Biden Voters is Racial Inequality


Americans who voted for President Donald Trump care predominantly about the economy, while those who voted for Democratic nominee Joe Biden care predominantly about racial inequality, according to CNN’s exit polls.

62 percent of Trump voters ranked the economy as the most important issue, followed by 17 percent for crime and safety, 8 percent for healthcare, 5 percent for the coronavirus, and 3 percent for racial inequality.

For Biden voters, however, the results became reversed, with 36 percent ranking racial inequality as the number one issue, followed by 27 percent for the coronavirus, 13 percent for healthcare, 11 percent for the economy, and just 6 percent for crime and safety.

CNN’s Jake Tapper said the results were “fascinating because obviously it’s a real reflection of not just what the candidate’s messages are — Donald Trump has been hammering home the point he’s best on the economy and Joe Biden, the streets will run red with blood — but also the electorates that they’re appealing to.”

“I have to say I am surprised though that coronavirus is not a top issue for either Trump voters or Biden voters voters in terms of being the top issue,” he added.

CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip┬ácommented, “I think it’s clear that Biden’s voters are much more split about what they think is their top issue than Trump voters, who are much more heavily skewed in the direction of the economy.”

“It tells me that Biden’s voters are worried about a lost things, and a lot of them are people of color, so they’re gonna be worried about the issue of racial inequity, which has been front of mind all this year, even through the coronavirus,” she declared.

Watch above via CNN.

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