CNN’s Brian Stelter: Trump Needs to Be Asked ‘Where is Your Patriotism?’ in Next Interview

On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter reacted to President Donald Trump‘s latest Russian meddling tweet by suggesting the president needs to be probed about his patriotism in the next interview, which will likely be on Fox News.

Stelter’s comments came right after CNN host Ana Cabrera pointed out that even Trump’s allies at Fox News did not praise his efforts in Helsinki. She then played a montage of reactions, including Fox News’ Shepard Smith called Trump’s unwillingness to take Russian President Vladimir Putin to task on election meddling to his face “shameful.”

Cabrera then noted that despite that strong condemnation from Fox News, Trump tweeted this Sunday night:

In response, Stelter noted that the Fox News condemnation came in the very early hours after the Helsinki presser.

“By the next day President Trump gave those supporters on Fox a way to stay with him by saying, ‘oh, I misspoke. It was a double negative. He gave them enough of an excuse to stay in his corner.”

Then after noting that the polls indicate his base is still with him, in part because of the Fox News crew.

Stelter then said this: “If President Trump is going to get another interview, it would likely be with Fox News, he needs to be asked why in the world are you calling this a hoax? Where is your patriotism?”

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