Former Skinhead to CNN’s S.E. Cupp: Trump’s Claim He’s a Nationalist Like a ‘Bullhorn’ to White Supremacists


On Saturday, CNN’s S.E. Cupp had on a former white supremacist turned author to talk about the rise of hate in America.

Christian Picciolini was once among the ranks of white nationalists and espoused hate speech that aligned with the views of the Pittsburgh shooter.

Cupp asked him specifically if President Donald Trump‘s words are motivating people in white supremacist circles.

“Well, I think the optics are that, you know, they probably don’t want to support somebody who’s in government but everything that he’s saying is in line with their policies, with their beliefs and we see white supremacists like David Duke who openly support Donald Trump’s policies so all I have to do is point to the people who are the white supremacists to show you that they actually support and believe what he says,” Picciolini responded.

Cupp then played a clip of Trump saying, “You know what I am, I’m a nationalist, okay. I’m a nationalist.”

She then asked what he thought when Trump said that.

“I mean, it was loud like a bullhorn to me. I didn’t hear a dog whistle. And what I heard was his call to white nationalists saying that I’m behind you,” he said.

He added: “Since then, we’ve seen now four tragedies occur…This is going to continue and people need to be held accountable for their words.”

Watch above, via CNN

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