Fox News Contributor: ‘We’ve Got ISIS in All 50 States’

ONeillFox News contributor Rob O’Neill laid out the threat posed by ISIS Tuesday morning speaking to America’s Newsroom host Martha MacCallum, claiming: “We’ve got ISIS in all 50 states.”

O’Neill was discussing the terrorist organization claiming responsibility for the attacks in Brussels Tuesday and America’s preparedness to combat them.

He said:

We can decide if we want to fight them now or let our grandkids fight them. We’re in a long war. At least people in Europe admit they’re at war. President Hollande of France mentioned, ‘We are at war.’ We stopped saying the ‘War on Terror’ when President Obama was elected because it’s being politically correct. But ISIS and a lot of the radical Muslims are definitely at war with us and they’re going to keep proving it. Suicide bombers in airports, American Airlines, it’s pretty symbolic. They’re going to cross the border here. We’ve got ISIS in all 50 states. We’ll see it here. We’ll see it in Europe again. This is the new world.

O’Neill is a retired Navy SEAL who came forward in 2014 as the man who killed Osama bin Laden.

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