Fox News’ Napolitano: Giuliani Knows ‘One Way or Another, Mueller Gets to Question the President’

Over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani made it clear he will only let President Donald Trump speak to Robert Mueller “over my dead body.” Today Fox News’ Judge Napolitano pushed back a bit on some of the bombast.

He told Bill Hemmer this morning, “Much of what Rudy says on television is aimed at the public. Trying to establish an atmosphere in which, should the president be indicted, or should the House of Representatives vote articles of impeachment, it would be perceived as intolerable amongst the public. I think Rudy has done a great job doing that. But I think what he said to Chris Wallace yesterday was not aimed at the public, it was aimed to Bob Mueller. It was basically, ‘You can negotiate hardball, we can negotiate hardball as well.'”

Napolitano added, “Rudy knows that one way or another Mueller gets to question the president.”

And the question right now for the President and his team, he concluded, is this: “Is it gonna be one-on-one with Rudy whispering answers in the President’s ear or is it gonna be before a grand jury without Rudy there and where the president has no control? They have to pick one or the other.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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