Fox’s Rosen to McMaster: Do You Think ‘Publicly Humiliating’ Kim Jong Un With ‘Rocket Man’ Is Helpful?

White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster addressed President Trump‘s “Rocket Man” nickname, but since then the President has started using it a whole bunch more.

James Rosen, filling in for Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, asked McMaster if he was given advance notice about that recent threatening “Little Rocket Man” tweet.

McMaster said, “The President doesn’t have to clear anything with me.”

He continued to say that Trump’s tweet is consistent with his policy, but Rosen asked him, “Do you and the President proceed from a shared view that the public denigration of another head of state, an attempt at publicly humiliating an adversary on the world stage with a derisive term like ‘Little Rocket Man,’ that that can have some positive strategic impact?”

McMaster simply said that the real danger would be if Kim Jong Un “doesn’t understand how serious we are.”

Watch above, via Fox.

[image via screengrab]

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