Gingrich: I Don’t Need Billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s Money To Stay In Race

Newt Gingrich, “the cheerful one,” is, indeed, remaining ever cheerful and optimistic about his presidential bid. Following rumors that billionaire Sheldon Adelson would stop donating to his super PAC, Gingrich said he doesn’t need Adelson’s money to stay in the race.

On CBS’ This Morning, Gingrich said while it’s not true that Adelson is the reason he’s able to continue his candidacy, he is “happy to have somebody who cares passionately about the Iranian nuclear weapon, and someone who cares passionately about the survival of Israel, independently support me.”

Though unconfirmed, rumors have been floating that Adelson has written his last check for the GOP hopeful. But Gingrich dismissed any potential financial hardship and said he has others supporters: “I have 176,000 supporters at They want me to stay in the race. I really represent their interests as individuals.”

Noting that Mitt Romney and President Obama both have billionaires on their side, Gingrich lamented, “That’s unfortunately the way the game is currently played, that’s fine.”

So what factors would cause Gingrich to drop out? “Probably none.”

Take a look, via CBS News:

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