Harvard Law Professor on MSNBC: The Real National Emergency is Donald Trump

During a conversation on MSNBC on Sunday, Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig said that the real emergency facing the nation is the president himself.

In response to a question about what powers President Donald Trump would have if he were to declare a state of emergency in order to get his border way, Lessig said the problem is that “the man is using words that have no connection to reality.”

Then he said this:

“He says we have a national crisis, a national security crisis. A national emergency. I agree we have a national emergency but the emergency is this president. The emergency is the fact we don’t have an executive who’s exercising his power in a responsible way. So if he calls this national security, and he invokes the powers that have been granted under these statutes according to national security then there has to be a process to check him and that process takes time. I think ultimately he has no constitutional authority to exercise the power to build this wall without Congress’ approval, and these statutes were certainly not written with the intent to give a man like Donald Trump the power that he’s now claiming, but it’s not an efficient process to check him and that’s the uncertainty I think Congress now has to face.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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