‘It Was Just a Joke!’ CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump’s Anti-CNN Tweet


Kayleigh McEnany and Sally Kohn got heated during a panel discussion on CNN this afternoon over President Trump‘s latest anti-CNN tweet.

McEnany made it clear that she wouldn’t have advised Trump to tweet out that video, but she also said, “I think it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek, satirical video. Nothing serious.”

She did say that Trump has “a right to fight back” when he feels that he’s unfairly attacked in the press.

Kohn went off on McEnany in response:

“I can’t believe you can defend this! I mean, really? Is there… is there no line? Like, if that had been a picture not of a CNN logo… but it had been Jake Tapper’s head he was punching, would that cross a line for you? What if it was a picture of Donald Trump holding a bloodied CNN logo up? When does it cross the line?!”

McEnany said, “You appear to have a listening problem, Sally, because I said it was not advisable for him to send that out.”

Kohn responded, “And you defended it! You said it was just a joke!”

McEnany said again that “it was just a joke” and brought up the firestorms that both Johnny Depp and Kathy Griffin recently faced.

Watch the full exchange above, via CNN.

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