Jeffrey Toobin Shreds AG Barr For Saying There Was Spying on the Trump Campaign: ‘A Dog Whistle to Sean Hannity’

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin ripped Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday, slamming him as “a classic demonstration” of what has become of the GOP and calling out his dog whistling to Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Bill Barr is a classic demonstration of what’s happened to the Republican Party,” Toobin began, noting he used to be an establishment figure, but no more.

He then said this about the GOP: “Now it is a Fox News party where they — and you saw this in his confirmation hearing, talking about uranium one, all these fantasies about Hillary Clinton‘s wrongdoing. This is how he [Barr] talks because he is part of that party now, and that party thinks the FBI, the CIA, everybody is conspiring to get Donald Trump, and they now have their attorney general.”

CNN’s Dana Bash then interrupted to note it was “technically” true that there was spying on the Trump campaign, “so what he said is not wrong, it is just the terminology he used.”

“Fair enough,” Toobin replied, before stressing: “The attorney general of the United States in a dog whistle to Sean Hannity is a big deal.”

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