Joe Scarborough Compares Trump to The Wizard of Oz: ‘Short, Fat Little Man Behind the Curtain’


Joe Scarborough took personal shots at Donald Trump on Tuesday when he said that the president is just as phony and insubstantial as the Wizard of Oz.

The comments came as Morning Joe held a discussion about whether Trump’s support from Middle America, and whether the president has really lived up to his 2016 promises of economic rejuvenation. As Willie Geist noted how Trump supporters frequently overlook his “broken promises” and “personal failings,” Scarborough remarked that Evangelical leaders are “rank hypocrites” to keep looking the other way, even if Trump does give evangelical voters what they want.

Scarborough eventually said people around the country are “voting against their economic self-interest” by supporting Trump in spite of evidence that his agenda isn’t working as well promised.

“The question,” Scarborough said, “is will those voters discover that this billionaire, this plutocrat, is nothing more than the short, fat little man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz?”

Mike Barnicle answered that he had no idea if those voters will learn that before the 2020 election, saying many of them buy into Trump’s tough-guy act and don’t care to think about the implications of things like the Mueller report.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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