John Oliver Rips Obama’s ‘Reluctant’ Iraq Airstrikes

At the top of his weekly show Sunday night, John Oliver spent a couple of minutes recapping the biggest news story of the week: President Barack Obama’s decision to launch military airstrikes in Iraq. “On Friday, you might have felt a whiff of nostalgia in the air,” Oliver said. “And I’m not talking about ninja turtles.”

As Oliver put it, the world is starting to feel a bit of “déjà boom,” but when the president made the announcement he tried hard to make two things clear: “One, that this was the right thing to do. And two, how little he wanted to do it.”

“I’ve got to say the president sounds a lot like a girl who’s trying to reassure her friends that she’s not getting back together with the ex-boyfriend that they all hate,” Oliver said, after playing a clip of Obama’s speech. “‘Look guys, I’m just getting a drink with Iraq. He’s having a really tough time right.'”

Members of the media picked up on this theme, invariably describing Obama’s war posture as “reluctant.”

“Oh yes, reluctance,” Oliver said. “It’s always been the best tone for leaders to use when inspiring troops before battle.” Then, of course, he imagined what Henry V’s “Once more unto the breach” monologue would have sounded like with a similar level of reluctance.

Watch video below, via HBO:

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