Kamala Harris’s CNN Townhall Was Most Watched Ever on CNN for a Single Candidate

CNN says their Monday night townhall event with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), and now 2020 presidential candidate, was the most watched cable news program for a single candidate for CNN.

“Monday night’s CNN Town Hall with Senator Kamala Harris was the most watched cable news single candidate election town hall ever,” CNN PR said in a statement. “The town hall averaged 712k among adults 25-54 from 10-11pm, easily topping all cable news competition. CNN was also #1 in prime time in the demos last night.”

“The Town Hall with Sen. Kamala Harris propelled CNN to 945k total day live starts across digital platforms on Monday, January 28. The day ranked #3 among Town Hall total day rankings on digital platforms. Monday also saw 23 million cross-platform unique visitors, 18 mm video starts and 84 mm page views for CNN Digital.” the network added, saying they had averaged 1.957 million viewers.

During her townhall, Harris said she would support the Green New Deal, wants to get rid of private insurance to have Medicare-for-All, and ban “assault weapons.”

Harris also said she would have members of Congress be locked in a room to look at the autopsy photographs of the Sandy Hook victims in order for them to act on guns.

Correction: This post has been updated to clarify it is the most-watched for CNN. A 2016 Fox News Trump townhall with Sean Hannity was watched by 2.7 million viewers.

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