Katy Tur: Michael Cohen Could Be the Most ‘Terrifying,’ ‘Destructive’ Person for Trump

As Stephanie Ruhle passed the baton to Katy Tur on Thursday, the two MSNBC hosts chatted about how Michael Cohen‘s plea deal puts him in a position to legally rock Donald Trump‘s world.

“Today’s a significant day,” Tur said. “Michael Cohen could be the single most terrifying for President Trump, the single most destructive person for Donald Trump going forward. Destructive for his campaign, destructive for his political career, destructive for the rest of time that he could be spending if office.”

As Ruhle remarked on how Cohen has dramatically turned against his old boss, Tur remarked on what else Cohen could reveal as a former member of the Trump inner circle. Since the president has answered at least some of Robert Mueller‘s questions about possible collusion with Russia, Tur said it will be interesting to see whether they line up with the testimony given by Cohen and others.

“When you’re an investigator, it’s the same thing as being a reporter: you look for the who, what, when, where, why and how,” Tur said. “This could be the why. Why would Donald Trump want to work with Russia? Potentially to get a Trump Tower deal out of it.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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