Lawyer For Bomb Suspect’s Family Says President’s Rhetoric Spoke to Him: ‘He Found a Father in Trump’

The lawyer for the family of suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayov said that he thinks that pipe bomb suspect “found a father in Trump.”

During the interview, Ron Lowy described Sayov as someone who seemed lost and was attracted to the Trump movement.

“He was attracted to the Trump formula of reaching out, Trump reaching out to these types of outsiders, people who don’t fit in,” Lowy said.

At one point, CNN host Anderson Cooper noted that Sayov claimed to be Native American despite the lack of evidence.

Then, he asked Lowy if there was “something now about this last election” that become the focus of his anger or emotional problems.

“Well, he was clearly not Native-American. His father was Filipino and abandoned him as a child and his mother is Italian. And he adopted this claim to being a Seminole because he was trying to create an identity,” Lowy said. “If you ask me, again my layman’s opinion, is that manifested, this was someone lost.”

Then he said this: “He was looking for anything and he found a father in Trump.”

Sayov’s former boss Debra Gureghian has described him as self-avowed white supremacist. She also noted Sayov claimed to be Seminole.

Watch above, via CNN

Correction: The headline in this article originally identified Ron Lowy as the Cesar Sayov’s lawyer. Lowy is the lawyer for the family.

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