OOPS! Fox Anchor Claims Polls ‘Universally’ Show Americans Don’t Support Impeachment, Forgets About Own Network’s Poll

Fox News anchor Leland Vittert claimed that “National polls universally say that the American people do not support impeachment” of President Donald Trump, which would be true if not for the existence of a Fox News poll.

On Saturday morning, we reported on the “Buried Bombshell” in the most recent Fox News poll: that only 45 percent of Americans oppose opening an impeachment inquiry, while 47 percent say an impeachment inquiry should be launched.

As it turns out, that bombshell was so well-buried that even Fox News’ own anchors don’t know about it.

While teeing up an interview with New Jersey Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew, Vittert noted that the number of House Democrats who support impeachment has grown to 101.

But as he began to interview Rep. Van Drew — who is not among those Democrats who support impeachment — Vittert said “National polls universally say that the American people do not support impeachment,” and asked “Do you worry, if the Democratic caucus keeps beating the impeachment drum, it puts the majority in seats like yours at risk?”

When a June Fox News poll similarly showed 50 percent support for impeachment versus 47 percent opposition, another Fox News anchor — Heather Childers — misreported the results of that actual poll, telling viewers that “at least half of U.S. Voters do not think President Trump should be impeached” and “A new Fox News poll shows most voters don’t want impeachment.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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