Rep. Eric Swalwell: Trump Likely Presides ‘Over a Criminal Presidency’

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday, California Congressman Eric Swalwell claimed Donald Trump was very likely presiding over a “criminal presidency.”

Cooper started by asking if the inaugural donations from those who want access — like those now under investigation for Trump’s inauguration —  “happen in politics all the time.”

Swalwell, who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee,  then replied that it shouldn’t happen and the very idea goes against Trump’s campaign promise to drain the swamp.

He then said that if indeed pay-to-play occurred, Trump broke his campaign promise on the very first day.

The Congressman then reminded that there is a bigger picture than just inaugural donations.

“The bigger picture here is that you are now seeing more evidence than ever that Donald Trump was associated with a criminal campaign, a criminal transition, and presides today very likely over a criminal presidency,” Swalwell said.

He added: “And you’ve seen people in his orbit who are either under investigation, have pled guilty or are serving prison time because of their association with one or all three of those different entities.”

Watch above, via CNN

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