REPORT: Intelligence Community Believes It Was a Different Michael Cohen Who Visited Prague

CNN’s Jake Tapper reported Wednesday morning that intelligence officials looked into allegations from an explosive unsubstantiated memo that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen visited Prague in late August to meet with Russian officials, and found that it was a different Michael Cohen who visited the city.

Cohen strongly denied the charges Tuesday, saying that he had never been to Prague. The Washingtonian reported that two sources at the University of Southern California confirmed that Cohen was in Los Angeles at the time he was supposed to have been in Europe.

Tapper seemingly confirmed Cohen’s story. “People tried to run that down and concluded it was a different Michael Cohen. It was a Michael Cohen with a passport from another country, same birth year, different birth date,” he said.

“For him to dispute he was in the Czech Republic comports with our reporting,” Tapper said. “It’s one of the reasons the intelligence chiefs did not get specific with these allegations. That’s why I hope at the press conference today people are more general, because a lot of that stuff just has not been proven.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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