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Rick Wilson Rips Sen. Johnson for Heated NBC Interview: I Expected Him to Start Quoting ‘QAnon Pizzagate Theories’

By now you’ve probably seen Senator Ron Johnson‘s extremely heated interview on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. As they argued over Ukraine, Todd ripped Johnson for engaging in “Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff” and the senator said at one point he doesn’t trust the FBI and CIA when Todd asked him directly.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin played a snippet of the interview this afternoon and found it remarkable because he’s the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, “meaning it is his job to work with the CIA, work with the FBI toe keep our elections safe.”

Rick Wilson remarked, “Ron Johnson sounds like he’s reading from the most lurid conspiracy websites out there. I expected him to start quoting crazy QAnon Pizzagate theories next.”

He said Johnson came across in the interview as “looking like a conspiracy edgecase guy and not like a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.”

Baldwin, Wilson, and former GOP Congresswoman Mia Love were discussing the various defenses of the president’s conduct, including that he’s just joking, from Republicans in the past week, while some others like Mitt Romney have been more openly critical.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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