comScore John Kennedy: Comey Lashing Out Because He Knows What's Coming

Sen. John Kennedy: ‘Comey Is Lashing Out Now Because He Knows What’s Coming’

Senator John Kennedy tore into James Comey on Wednesday after the former FBI director defended the bureau from the negative aspersions cast upon it by Attorney General William Barr.

On CBS This Morning, Comey said “Republicans need to breathe into a paper bag” as he refuted the allegation that the FBI spied upon President Trump‘s campaign with their counterintelligence investigation against Russia. Fox’s Bill Hemmer asked Kennedy for his thoughts on America’s Newsroom, and the senator proceeded in earnest to blast Comey as a “hack politician” who “never was a law enforcement professional.”

Kennedy, never one to be short on words, went on to rip Comey’s “tarnishing” of the FBI, said he “should be” worried for himself, and called him a prime example of “the Washington insider political elite.”

“Mr. Comey and others tried to put their thumbs on the scale and he has hurt a lot of people and he has hurt a lot of important institutions to our system of government in the process,” Kennedy said. “I think Mr. Comey is lashing out now because he knows what’s coming.”

Stick around to watch Kennedy’s criticism for the “ludicrous” scrutiny of Attorney General William Barr, and also his comment about how Robert Mueller’s report is “an impurity in their punch bowl” for Democrats.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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