Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman Tells CNN How He Deals With Patriots Detractors: ‘Why You Gotta Hate? Collaborate!’

Cartoonishly bewhiskered Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman appeared on CNN’s New Day Monday morning, less than 10 hours of helping his New England Patriots team win yet another Lombardi trophy.

Proud Boston sports fan and New Day co-host John Berman appeared to channel the 10-year-old version of himself, as he gleefully interviewed the “star” of Sunday evening’s defensive struggle that many viewers thought was less than entertaining. No matter to Patriots and Patriots fans alike; New England got their record sixth Lombardi trophy, and CNN morning programming got the MVP booking.

Edelman revealed to his host that, no, he had not yet slept since the game ended. Though all things being considered, Edelman was more clear-eyed and cogent than I certainly would be. And credit to superfan Berman, for asking the indelicate question of Edelman’s four-game suspension at the start of the season for testing positive for using performance-enhancing drugs.

But it was the end of the segment that brought a smile to even this most jaded Kansas City Chiefs’ fan. Berman asked Edelman for his message to ‘the legions of Patriots haters this morning?’

A very tired but happy Edelman DNGAF about the hate, and responded in rhyme, saying ‘Why you gotta hate? Collaborate.’

And with that, the harmonic convergence began.

Watch above via CNN.

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