Trump: Someone in GOP Should Run for Senator Against Rand Paul

PicMonkey Collage - TrumpDonald Trump said that he did not want to “waste a lot of time” talking about his rival Rand Paul, but decided to respond to the latest criticisms sent his way from the candidate who took up the mantle left by Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham. Trump pointed out how Perry and Graham have seen low poll numbers after speaking against him, and said that Paul is heading in the same direction.

From there, Trump attacked Paul for “using the people of Kentucky” by standing against him and running for president while he is still serving as one of the state’s senators.

“Either run for Senate and do a good job or run for president. You don’t run for president and say if I don’t make it, I will become your senator reluctantly,” Trump said. “If I were a good, strong Republican from Kentucky, I would run against him in a heartbeat.”

Trump wondered aloud whether Paul’s constituents would be so willing to take Paul back in the event that his presidential bid fails.

“The people of Kentucky should get a senator that wants to represent them, not a senator where it’s a backup plan,” Trump said. “If I was in Kentucky, I would run against him, and believe me, I would win.”

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