Tucker Carlson: The Media Is ‘Using’ FL Student Survivors ‘In a Kind of Moral Blackmail’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said tonight that the Florida student survivors are being exploited by the media looking to advance the gun control debate.

Carlson repeatedly made it clear he is not personally going after the kids before saying, “All of a sudden you’re setting these kids involved in calls for very specific pieces of legislation, and the allegation has been that they are in some way in contact with organized anti-gun groups and people who have suggested that have been denounced as immoral and heartless.”

Guest Dan Bongino agreed the voices of these students should be heard, but said those voices would be “most valuable” not on the gun issue, but on the issue of “where were the signs missed” regarding the shooter.

He specifically called out the media for “focusing on an agenda” and Carlson agreed:

“They’re using these kids in a kind of moral blackmail where you’re not allowed to disagree or you’re attacking a child, which is of course-–I can speak for myself, the last thing I would ever do as a father of four, I would never attack the kid––you can disagree with other people’s opinions without attacking them, but the press is conflating that and making it like, ‘you’re not allowed to disagree or you’re a bad person.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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