Bernie Sanders Mocks Media’s Obsession With ‘Billionaire’ Howard Schultz: ‘Oh Isn’t That Nice’

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced on Tuesday his intentions to run for president in 2020 and a pre-taped interview with CBS Morning host John Dickerson ran shortly after the Sanders revealed his candidacy on Vermont Public Radio.

Things got a bit testy when Dickerson brought up Howard Schultz, who is also exploring a run for highest office, saying that the former Starbucks CEO  has claimed that he “will not run as anything but an independent candidate.” Sanders identifies as an Independent though in 2016 he sought the nomination from the Democratic party, an received less than fulsome support from the Democratic party.

Sanders appeared to recoil at the mention of Schultz’s name asking his interviewer “why are you quoting Howard Schultz?” before answering his own question “He’s a billionaire!”

Sanders continued with “but because we have a corrupt system, anybody who is a billionaire and can throw ads around on television suddenly becomes very, very credible.”

Watch above via CBS.




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