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Watch: Someone Has Stolen Shep Smith’s Bellybutton Mark

Here’s an odd / awesome / oddsome little moment from today’s edition of Fox News’ Studio B. Host Shepard Smith and panelists were discussing the case against Aruba’s Joran van der Sloot when they became momentarily distracted by… bellybutton marks.

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“Do not go to a casino with him,” Smith advised. “Do you know, do you know,” he then began to ask, “I’ve been gone for, what? Three work days? Two work days, I guess, really. We went on Saturday to New Hampshire and then got back… You know how they have these little marks, here, where your bellybutton goes? It tells you where you sit. Somebody took my mark away! So I don’t know even where to sit anymore!”

“Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?” he asked of the panel. “This has a Geraldo mark.”

Someone, for the love of all that is good and holy and televised, please let Shep know where to put his bellybutton.

Have a look, from Fox News:

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