Trump Supporter Who Calls Herself ‘Based Amy’ Stabs Baby Trump Balloon

And now for the latest demonstration developments from London’s Trafalgar Square (or parts nearby)…

It appears that the massive “Trump Baby” balloon that anti-Trump protestors have pulled about various London neighborhoods visited by President Donald Trump has been “popped” by a Trump Supporter who self-identifies as “Based Amy.” Or a more accurate description would be that the balloon was stabbed, and rendered useless, at least temporarily, as a protest device.

Details of the stabbing provided by Daily Beast’s Will Sommer:

Other news revealed by this video? Fox News’ Kevin Corke appears to have been correct in his reporting of demonstrators in support of Trump, a claim that was much-derided by predictable naysayers. A handful of supporters does not make a quorum of Trump support, of course, but at least there are some Brits there looking out for the commander-in-chief of the United Kingdom’s closest ally.

Watch the YouTube video above, courtesy of The Sun.

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