Woman Defends Her Son Calling Hillary ‘Bitch’ at Trump Rally: ‘Children are Children’

1thumbIn 2016 American politics, it has not only become normal for a child to scream gendered obscenities at a political rally, it has also become normal for that child’s mother to defend that conduct. Multiple outlets reported, Tuesday, that a young child of about ten years old chanted “Take the bitch down!” at a Donald Trump rally in Ashburn, Virginia, a reference to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

After the rally, the boy’s mother, who identified herself as Pam Kohler, defended the boy’s actions to reporters and blamed his foul language on “Democratic schools,” while also trying to get away from the press:

I think he has a right to say what he wants to.

The mother’s response is something of a “tell,” because any committed movement conservative would have blamed “DemoCRAT schools,” not “Democratic schools,” but beyond that, the charming duo remain a mystery.

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