Cenk Uygur Warns Tucker Carlson: ‘If He Starts Making Too Much Sense, He’ll Be Taken Off Fox News’


The Young Turks founder and host Cenk Uygur offered qualified praise to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over Carlson’s qualified praise of progressive legislators Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), but warned that if the host “starts making too much sense,” his future at Fox News could be in jeopardy.

Carlson offered narrow and qualified praise for AOC and Sanders last week for their introduction of the Loan Shark Prevention Act, lauding the legislation but calling the pair “demagogues” and “childish socialists” who “don’t mean half of what they say,” and “don’t understand” the other half.

That was enough to earn Carlson a lengthy TYT segment in which Uygur noted that Carlson’s ratings have been rising, and attributed that rise to Carlson’s “pressing that raw nerve” of resentment at big business. He also accused Carlson of throwing “red meat” to his audience by assuring them that he still “hates” AOC and Bernie, “but they’re right about this.”

Uygur also made clear to his audience that he still considers Carlson a “white supremacist,” but that people are “nuanced and complicated,” and Carlson has “accurately assessed” the single issue of resentment at big banks.

Cenk parted ways with Carlson over his criticism that Bernie and AOC don’t mean or understand what they say, however, saying that “The reason you can’t stand Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders is because they do mean what they say,” but added that people like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “don’t mean anything they say, but the reason you guys can’t stand Bernie Sanders is because he definitely means it.”

“The credit that I’ll give Tucker Carlson is, he’s the only one that understands the actual populist anger on the right-wing side,” Uygur said as he wrapped up the segment.

He said that “The rest of the Fox News anchors are paid to further the corruption in Washington,” while “Tucker has at least figured out that, no, the Republican voters don’t like big business, and they don’t like the big banks, and they get that those are the guys screwing them.”

“So he has accurately assessed that, and hence, is being rewarded with higher ratings,” Uygur said, but went on to add that Carlson “better watch himself, because if he starts to make too much sense, he will be taken off of Fox News. Even if he’s loathsome on everything else, if he’s right about the corruption, Fox News will not stand for it. They are the heart of corruption.”

While Uygur is correct that Carlson’s ratings have been on the rise even as advertisers have fled the show over what critics claim to be Carlson’s bigoted and sexist remarks, there’s little evidence that Carlson’s one-off backhanded praise for a single piece of legislation is responsible, rather than more frequent segments like the one in which he said that The View is “radicalizing” white supremacists like Dylann Roof, a segment which Uygur himself described as a threat of violence to silence opponents of racism.

There is also ample evidence that it was racial resentment that drove Trump’s success, rather than resentment at big banks or big business.

Watch the clip above, via The Young Turks.

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