Trump Calls Mueller Probe an ‘Illegal Investigation’


On Thursday, President Donald Trump called the Mueller probe an “illegal investigation.”

Trump’s remarks were made during an Oval Office interview with Bloomberg News.

“I view it differently. I view it as an illegal investigation” Trump said,  referring to the probe before adding that unnamed  “great scholars” have claimed “there never should have been a special counsel,” in the first place.

According to Yahoo,  Trump was likely referring to talk — discounted by his own lawyers — that Mueller was illegally appointed.

Yahoo reports:

Some legal experts have questioned the Justice Department’s naming of Mueller, a former FBI director, to handle the probe in the absence of a specific law governing special prosecutors.

But Trump’s own Justice Department says it is legal.

Earlier this month Andrew Miller, a one-time aide to former Trump political consultant Roger Stone, challenged the legality of Mueller’s appointment in appeals court.

During the same interview with Bloomberg, Trump also blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not reining in the Mueller probe.

“I do question what is Jeff doing,” Trump said, further noting  he “would love to have him do a great job.”

He also declined to say if he would keep Sessions on until after November.

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