Mercer Kitchen Cook Fired after Colleague Smashes Plate on Her Head, Starts Catfight

Fun times in Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s famed SoHo coolpeoplespot: the New York Post reports that two cooks in Mercer Kitchen got into a fight that would only happen in madcap rom-coms set in trendy restaurant kitchens.

As the account goes:

Angela Perez, an 11-year veteran of Mercer Kitchen, was working on a $300/person dinner the night of New Year’s Eve.

Perez called her fellow cook Shierley Cruz “lazy.”

Cruz retaliated by smashing a plate over her head.

Perez and Cruz engage in a fight, and someone’s hair and/or weave gets pulled.

Perez blacks out and wakes up in the hospital.

Boss calls Perez and fires her on the spot.

Perez decides her best course of action is to spill her story to the Post.

We all read this story, wonder “WTF is up with cooks,” then realize “Oh, wait, this is the restaurant industry, what would it be without this kind of drama,” and move on with our lives.

[NYP h/t Grub Street]

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