Fox News is Most Watched Cable News Outlet in Almost 70% of House Districts, Per New Study

Fox News dominates CNN and MSNBC in the cable news ratings, and a new study gives some insight into the cable network’s reach across the country.

The analysis from Morning Consult found that Fox is “the most-watched cable news outlet in 299 of the country’s 436 districts” — a little under 70 percent.

In those districts, Fox is the most-watched cable news station “by a martin of at least 2 percentage points.” 63 districts apparently watch CNN the most by that martin, while MSNBC “is the most-watched cable news network in just one district” in California.

The study also looked at the political makeup of each district:

Independents, who according to the data consume the three cable news networks at a lower rate than Republicans or Democrats and are often a decisive voting bloc, are slightly more likely to consume Fox News. It’s the most-watched cable channel among independents in 306 districts by a 2-point margin…

There was also no correlation between concentration in Fox News viewership and the political leanings of a district. Six of the 15 districts with the highest share of weekly Fox News viewers register as red (with a Cook Political Report partisan voting index of at least “R+6”), while five are blue. Districts with intense Republican viewership of Fox News, on the other hand, were overwhelmingly blue.

Meanwhile, in the cable news ratings race, Fox News continued doing well doing the last few weeks fo impeachment hearings.

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