Alex Jones Responds To Maddow’s Take Down: ‘I’m Attracted To Mr. Maddow, And That Really Conflicts My…’

Alex Jones responded to Rachel Maddow‘s skewering of his special tornado-weather-machine-conspiracy theory on his radio show Friday by saying she looks like a man.

After noting that the media was out to get him by hounding people he went to high school with, Jones said, “Or they could just do what Mr. Maddow does, I mean Janet Reno—Janet Napolitano! I get them all confused.” Jones pounded the desk in mock-frustration. “Pat from Saturday Night Live? No, no…Ron Maddow?”

“Nothing wrong with it, I mean, he’s a handsome guy.”

Jones then had a deep, meaningful moment. “I’m gonna be honest with everybody,” he said, and after an extended pseudo-pause, “I’m attracted to Mr. Maddow, and that really conflicts my, uh…I always thought of myself as a heterosexual,but…”

“I wonder if Mr. Maddow is gonna join the Boy Scouts as a troop leader,” Jones said, cracking himself up.

“I’m sorry, that’s not right,” he said. “I should criticize Rachel Maddow on lying to her audience.”

Listen to the whole segment here:

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