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Alex Jones Tells Trump Critic to ‘Blow What Little Is Left Of Your Brains Out’

AjFingerAlex Jones — conspiracy theorist radio host and Trump supporter — released a 17-minute video monologue praising Donald Trump and attacking the various media institutions and personalities who had tried (and failed) to bring about his defeat.

Specifically, he took aim at Washington Post columnist George Will, saying that Will boasted a “classic serial killer look” (rather than murdering women and children, Will is “killing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” Jones says).

Jones revisits an Apr. 29 Washington Post column, in which Will referred to Republicans who back Trump as “quislings” and “collaborationists […] ineligible to participate in the party’s reconstruction,” and argued that conservatives’ task should be to help Trump lose the election in order to “reap the considerable satisfaction of preserving the identity of their 162-year-old party.”

“The total arrogance with a shit-eating grin of a pseudo-intellectual constitutional rapist,” Jones said, adding that Will was “literally mounting America, raping it in the ass, and telling us how great he is.”

He proceeded to encourage Will to “look in the mirror, realize you’re a traitor, and do the right thing, and put a .357 Magnum to your head, and blow what little is left of your brains out all over yourself, OK? You traitor, you Benedict Arnold, you piece of filth.”

Jones’ discussion of Will’s column begins at 5:30 above.

[h/t Media Matters]

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