Bill Kristol Trashes Brian Kilmeade: ‘You Have to Pretend’ to Believe ‘Nonsense’


It appears a little Twitter beef has broken-out between the #Resistance’s favorite Iraq War-supporting neocon and one of Donald Trump’s favorite cable news hosts, as Bill Kristol trashed Brian Kilmeade’s for believing the president’s “nonsense” in response to a snarky tweet.

The feud began with a viral Kristol post in which The Weekly Standard editor slammed the right-wing gathering CPAC for booing “citizenship naturalization ceremonies.”

“I’d take in a heartbeat a group of newly naturalized American citizens over the spoiled native-born know-nothings of CPAC, who today booed at the mention of citizenship naturalization ceremonies,” tweeted Kristol to the applause-by-like of over 53,000 Twitter users.

Kilmeade then quote-tweeted the Never Trump neocon’s post with the line, “Do u spend every night plotting how to get on Morning Joe.”

Kristol laughed off the attempted MSNBC-themed burn, tweeting, “Ha. I actually enjoyed occasionally being on Fox and Friends with you in the olden day, back when you didn’t have to pretend to believe all the nonsense you pretend to believe now.”

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