Bill Maher Mocks Trump Voters: ‘Meet Me Half Way and Stop Being Stupid’

On last night’s edition of Real Time, host Bill Maher said he was doing his best to avoid calling Trump voters “stupid,” but that it wasn’t always easy.

“I know you real Americans hate being called stupid,” said Maher. “But you gotta meet me half way and stop being stupid.”

Maher’s monologue then moved into a long explanation of how Trump was a conman and his voters had been duped.

“He promised the Keystone Pipeline would be built with American steel. It won’t. He promised to be the savior of coal miners, but here’e the headline last month, Trump’s budget slams West Virginia”

Maher likened Trump to a “used care salesman,” adding that “with a used car salesman at least you get a car.”

“Folks how much would you pay to get rid of ISIS very quickly,” Maher zinged.  “Here’s our guarantee on undocumented immigrants.”

The monologue was red meat for Maher’s audience and the comedian’s own long history of mocking the businessman president.

“You can keep liking him but just admit he is a conman,” he said.

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