CNN’s Attempt To Reclaim Ratings Gold? Covers MJ “Body Double” Story

cnn_jacksonLets say that you are in charge of CNN. Not only are ratings dismal, but the biggest story in cable news focuses on your competitor, and covering the story drives viewers towards them. Oh, and the balloon boy thing didn’t work out too well. What do you do? How about go back to the story that served you so well during the summer months — you know, resurrect the Michael Jackson story. Brilliant!

Yesterday CNN host Don Lemon had on Tom O’Neill, Senior Editor of In Touch, to discuss rumors that the soon-to-be-released Jackson documentary “This Is It” is not as legitimate has it claims. Specifically, that a body double was used in the film.

When Lemon said of the controversy, “and like everything else Jackson touches (this film) probably will turn into solid gold,” one got the sense that he may has well have been talking about CNN’s ratings.

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