Conservative Commentator Parts With GOP Over Trump, Cites His ‘Neo-Fascistic Tendencies’

RepublicansDaniel Pipes penned an op-ed published in the Philadelphia Inquirer Thursday explaining why he was ditching the Republican party — because of Donald Trump.

“Trump’s boorish, selfish, puerile, and repulsive character, combined with his prideful ignorance, his off-the-cuff policy making, and his neo-fascistic tendencies make him the most divisive and scary of any serious presidential candidate in American history,” Pipes wrote.

He adds that Trump’s “flip-flopping on the issues (“everything is negotiable”) means that, as president, he has the mandate to do any damn thing he wants. This unprecedented and terrifying prospect could mean suing unfriendly reporters or bulldozing a recalcitrant Congress. It could also mean martial law.”

He continued:

[T]he conservative movement, to which I belong, has developed since the 1950s into a major intellectual force. It did so by building on several key ideas (limited government, a moral order, and a foreign policy reflecting American interests and values). But the cultural abyss and constitutional nightmare of a Trump presidency will likely destroy this delicate creation. Ironically, although a Hillary Clinton presidency threatens bad Supreme Court justices, it would leave the conservative movement intact.

Pipes is a conservative commentator and author who served as an advisor to Rudy Giuliani‘s 2008 presidential bid. He is the founder of the pro-Israel foreign policy think tank Middle East Forum and has written extensively about “Barack Obama’s Muslim childhood.”

In April he described Trump’s politics as “neo-fascism.”

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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