Don Lemon: ‘What Happened Over the Weekend From [Donald Trump] … is Not Normal’

CNN anchor Don Lemon joined a growing bipartisan chorus condemning President Donald Trump’s claim that his predecessor, Barack Obama, tapped his phones in Trump Tower. Before opening his Monday night show, Lemon offered a special comment which he conceded was, “something I don’t normally do.”

“What happened over the weekend from the President of the United States in not politics as usual. It is not normal,” said Lemon. “This is, at best, a clumsy attempt to dangle a shiny object, change the subject from Russia, and throw us off the track.”

“It is at worst,” Lemon continued, “an angry president trying to make someone or something else a scapegoat for the problems of his administration.”

Current and former intelligence agency officials including James Clapper, Gen. Michael Hayden, and James Comey have all denied that a wiretapping took place. So far, the president has stood by his claim, though the White House offered no additional evidence.

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