‘DONALD TRUMP IS A SHAPE SHIFTING LIZARD!!’: Digital Road Sign Hilariously Hacked

Some road workers in Texas are apparently not ready to make America great again.

At least, that’s the takeaway from a pretty funny hacking effort in Dallas, where last night drivers on I-30 saw a politicized message of sorts on a digital road sign. NBC 5’s Tim Ciesco passed by the trolling effort in the early morning hours Tuesday:

The NBC affiliate in Dallas also reported that a nearby sign was hacked to read, “Bernie For President,” last night as well. A third road sign nearby humorously told commuters, “Work is canceled — go back home.” The three incidents appear to the related and in the same general stretch of I-30. TxDOT officials told NBC 5 that, “they thought the signs were turned off and locked before the holiday weekend,” but apparently some mischievous trickster thought otherwise, using the opportunity to tease the GOP’s presumptive nominee. Bad!

“I have so many great relationship with the lizards, they love me!” you could easily imagine Trump saying at his next rally. The hacked signs along I-30 were shut off at 6 a.m. and are expected to be reset before work resumes Tuesday night. Watch this space for the latest trolling efforts aimed at reptilian Trump comparisons.

[image via Twitter]

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