Film Uses Trump Voiceover As It Imagines World Where Immigrants Are Shot at Border

The following movie trailer shows two things at once. There is a man who independently shoots at people attempting to cross the Mexican-American border and there is an excerpt from the infamous speech during which presidential candidate Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists and criminals. The filmmaker, Jonas Cuaron, didn’t opt for subtlety this time.

The hashtag shown at the end of the trailer, #LasPalabrasSonTanPeligrosasComoLasBalas, translates to “words are as dangerous as bullets.”

Another trailer debuted in an interview the filmmakers did with Jorge Ramos, a man you may remember as the journalist who was booted from a Trump rally and then returned to grill the candidate on his immigration positions. The new trailer showed more gore, an auto wreck, trained hunting dogs, and the independent hunter drinking alcohol in the desert. It also included the words “welcome to the land of the free.”

Desierto is currently only playing in Mexican theaters. Will you see it if it comes to America?

[image via screengrab]

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