Former ‘Real World’ Star on Fox: Trump Doing More For Blacks Than Snoop Dogg

Rachel Campos-Duffy, wife of Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, defended Donald Trump‘s Twitter response to rapper Snoop Dogg, who released a controversial new music video where he shoots at a clown dressed as the president.

The former star of MTV’s Real World also claimed, during a panel discussion on Fox News Wednesday with anchor Shannon Bream, that Trump has done more for African-Americans than the hip-hop artist.

“Who’s doing more to make black America great again? Snoop Dogg, who’s glamorizing drug culture; gang culture — or Donald Trump, who’s making our economy better and making it easier for people to start businesses and get out of cycles of poverty?”

Moments earlier, Campos-Duffy underlined that “there’s a lot of Republican politicians out there who don’t even know who Snoop Dogg is. Donald Trump’s a creature of pop culture. And I think it’s good that he’s engaging and exposing them — because the more liberals do this, it’s highly unlikable.”

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