Fox’s Henry to Earnest: Why Did WH Invoke Religion for Chapel Hill, but Not ISIS Beheadings?

One big conservative complaint this week is that the White House’s statement on the ISIS slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt called them “citizens,” not Christians. Fox News’ Ed Henry brought this up to Press Secretary Josh Earnest today and asked him why they didn’t include that rather relevant detail, considering the terrorists specifically killed them for their faith.

Earnest did not deny that, simply reiterating President Obama‘s prayer breakfast statements about people of all faiths speaking out against people who would “distort faith” in the name of terrorism.

But what Henry really wanted to know is why they didn’t specifically mention the victims’ faiths when Obama did so in reference to the Muslim victims of the Chapel Hill shooting. Local law enforcement hasn’t confirmed yet whether it was a hate crime, and Henry pressed Earnest on why Obama made such a definitive statement then.

Earnest said Obama was just trying to articulate the important point that no one should ever be targeted for their faiths. Henry challenged him and said “we don’t know that they were targeted” for that reason.

Watch the video below:

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