Andrew Breitbart Invites Anti-Corporate Protestors To Post-Rally Applebee’s® Meal

This weekend, the Koch Brothers, conservative billionaires, hosted a strategic gathering in Palm Springs California for like-minded and occasionally like-walleted individuals and were promptly protested by “hundreds of environmentalists, union members and liberal activists.” Also on hand was the big man of the Big himself, Andrew Breitbart, who brought a film crew (and roller blades!) to the protests in hopes of capturing some material for his sites. Plenty of video is now up, but the most intriguing would have to be the one where, after the police break the protest up, Breitbart invites everyone over to Applebees for a post-rally meal, making sure everyone is protesting good in the neighborhood.

Sure, Breitbart was just doing it to further provoke the Liberals ( even mentioned the restaurant’s NASDAQ symbol in the video’s caption), but we’d like to imagine that, deep down, he’s just a political Andy Kaufman who really would like to end the day kicking back and eating onion rings with his opponents. What a wonderful world that would be.

UPDATE: Breitbart has written into Mediaite to confirm that he did, in fact, actually go to Applebees and was joined by some of the protesters, claiming that many even “thought [he] WAS the leader!” I wonder if that means he picked up the tab?

Check out the video from Breitbart’s YouTube page below:

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