GOP Rolls Out New Campaign Courting Hipsters and Minorities

On Monday the GOP rolled out a collection of six ads featuring minorities, working-class Americans, and one (1) “hipster”-looking gent as part of a six-figure outreach campaign targeted at winning young voters and minorities — particularly the voters that make up the majority of Obama’s winning coalition and might be unhappy with his performance.

In these ads, actual Republicans (and not paid actors) talk about the issues that matter to them and the reasons they vote Republican, and one ad, featuring a man with a luxuriant beard and the perfect tortoise-shell glasses, stood out:

To underscore the point that this is an actual “hipster” who willingly revealed that he votes Republican, National Journal found that Scott Greenberg is a real person who does PR director for the Washington Ballet, just like his liberal doppelganger, Obamacare’s “Pajama Boy,” was a liberal Organizing for Action volunteer. The resemblance is uncanny if you lump all people with thick-framed glasses together as a demographic:

In any case, the ads will be targeted to 14 states playing host to Senate races in 2014 and, according to a press release, apparently tested well with focus groups made up of “swing voters in Ohio and New Mexico, and tested particularly well with women, bilingual voters, and disaffected Obama voters.”

The rest of the videos can be found here.

[h/t National Journal]

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