Greta Van Susteren Interviews Bristol Palin: “So, You’ve Met ‘The Situation’?”

Greta Van Susteren had Bristol Palin on as her guest last night, finding time to talk about Palin’s participation in the hit competitive reality show Dancing With The Stars. One can only Imagine someone waking up from a two-year coma, watching the following clip then asking for bewildered explanation behind the numerous and strange cultural phenomena that have made this 19 year-old single mother and Jersey Shore‘s “The Situation” such relevant, nay, influential characters in today’s culture.

Van Susteren’s warm demeanor – and previous experience with the Palins – serves her quite well in making the daughter of Sarah Palin feel comfortable enough to also address more controversial topics such as Meghan McCain‘s new book and the father of her son Tripp, Levi Johnston.

One can easily imagine that Bristol Palin is thrilled that, now, when she’s talking about “The Situation,” she’s talking about a fellow contestant on a hit competitive reality show, and not about something entirely different.

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