Guess Who Owns Trademark for ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Go Ahead, Guess.

Who owns the trademark for “What Would Jesus Do?” Is it a well-known evangelist like Pat Robertson? Is it, perhaps, the producers of that hit miniseries on the Bible? Or is it some religious political organization using it as a slogan to push some sort of agenda?

Nope. It’s this guy.

Yep, Tyler Perry. Perry obtained the trademark after taking it from Kimberly Kearney (also known as Poprah) after she wasn’t really using it that much.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kearney filed for the trademark for some reality TV show she was working on, but the show never really went anywhere and Perry swept in to claim it for himself because, as he argued, Kearney had basically “abandoned” it.

Kearney, however, claims she shared the name of her show with Perry’s studios and so he was basically pushing to take it from her the whole time.

So expect something Tyler Perry and Jesus-related to come out soon. Or… What Would Madea Do?

[h/t Gawker]
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