Hamas Claims It Captured an Israeli Spy Dolphin

PicMonkey Collage - DolphinThe business of espionage is all about innovative cleverness and exploring the most unexpected methods of infiltration. Today, reports have surfaced that Hamas naval units known as frogmen have have captured one of the most unique agents in Israel’s Mossad Spy Agency.

The reason why the agent’s so special: He’s a dolphin.

Haaretz reported that local news sources were saying that Hamas had noticed the dolphin several days ago, and became “suspicious” of its swimming patterns as it stuck around them. When it was brought into custody off the shore, the mammal was found to be equipped with cameras, remote monitors, and other kinds of “spying equipment.”

As much as this sounds like some kind of sci-fi premise or wacky government conspiracy, this is not the first time Mossad allegedly used sea creatures in its operations. Five years ago, the Israeli government faced accusations from Egypt that they were training sharks to attack tourists in the Red Sea as a means to hurting the local tourist season.

Reports have also alleged that both Russia and the U.S. have also “re-porpoised” dolphins for their own naval operations. (I’ll be here all night. Tip your waitress.)

[image via schutterstock]

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