comScore Trump Says Hillary Clinton in a Certain Way Evil

Trump Casually Says Hillary Is ‘in a Certain Way, Evil’ During Word Association Game Gone Awry

I’m sure this wasn’t quite what Mika Brzezinski had in mind Tuesday morning when she played a quick round of word association with Donald Trump in New Hampshire.

During the game, Brzezinski cornered Trump with the name of the Democratic frontrunner (and Trump wedding attendee, as Joe Scarborough pointed out): Hillary Clinton. After thoughtfully considering his response, this was what he mustered:

“In a certain way, evil.”

In an attempt to slice the tension of the room in half, Brzezinski managed a “Whoa” before moving on with her questions, and pretty quickly wrapped up the segment altogether. Trump also identified fellow GOP candidate Jeb Bush as a “loser”, which coincidentally was exactly how the former Florida Governor identified Trump yesterday during the same game on Morning Joe.

“I’m interested in all of the words he edited out,” joked Willie Geist.

Watch the above video from MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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