‘IT IS HEREBY ORDERED’: Read the Full Text of the Emergency Immigration Stay by a Federal Judge

Minutes ago, a New York Federal judge issued an nation-wide emergency stay for detainees who have arrived in the United States since the implementation of President Donald Trump‘s executive order on immigration from Muslim-majority countries.

The halt by Ann Donnelly of the United States District Court in New York’s Eastern District is temporary and is only granted to those who have already arrived; the future however for POTUS’ executive action and how it will be applied to citizens coming from those countries is unclear.slack-imgsslack-imgs-1slack-imgs-2

Despite the celebrations by the ACLU over the swift reversal, the Trump administration will still have the opportunity to sign further executive action as the next steps in the saga. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber cautioned that the stay is simply a temporary development, saying, “…the first blowback to his cascade of executive action,” but noted that, “it will have some constraint on what [President Trump is] trying to do.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto further points out that the stay is exactly that — a stay for those who are already here, indicating there will be a, “Massive court fight to come.”

You can enlarge/magnify the full court order below:

Read the Full Text of the Emergency Immigration Stay by a Federal Judge by Mediaite on Scribd

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